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21st Century Saints: 031: Live! with Rene Steelman

This is a episode from 21st Century Saints where they interview Rene Steelman, host of “She Became Visible” a podcast under the Mormon Discussion Inc. umbrella. Check them out at  This interview can be watched from there channel here. Please Subscribe to our friends across the waters.  They do great work.

This week we chat with wise woman Rene Steeleman. And as well as broadcasting on our home on YouTube and Facebook, we are also now streaming Live! on Twitter and Twitch! If you’re joining us for the first time, welcome! About our guest: Rene grew up in the midwest, just south of Chicago. Her mother, stepfather, and older brother joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1962. During the summer of 1972, after high school graduation, Rene’ met her future husband at a church dance. He was waiting to go on his mission and she was waiting to enter active duty into the UNITED STATES NAVY. They married 2 years later after corresponding by mail. Rene’ still had one year to complete her contract with military so they spent the first year of their marriage in Yokosuka Japan. Rene’ and her husband followed the path of young LDS couples. They have 6 children and 14 grandchildren. Their youngest child had a physical malformation discovered at birth. The birthing process and lack of oxygen resulted in brain damage. Rene’ is now the caregiver of her adult child age 36 who was diagnosed with severe spastic cerebral palsy and blindness. Being a forever caregiver is an overwhelming obligation which was made more difficult by believing in a patriarchal fundamental religion. In 2020 Rene’ was introduced to LDS history which conflicted with her prior belief system. She resigned her membership in April of 2021.


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