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Episode: 011: Last Local Standing, Talya Reynolds is Determined to Save Sedona, AZ!

Born and raised in Sedona, Arizona, Talya moved home to support her parents during the COVID only to be met with story after story of friends losing their homes to AIRBNB, the schools struggling to maintain teachers, and hospitals struggling to keep their staff due to a lack of affordable housing. LAST LOCAL STANDING was born out of the need  for a platform to thoughtfully educate locals and tourists on the damage of short-term rentals. Is this happening in your community? Listen as Talya tells the story of large corporations buying the homes to compete with AIRBNB and other vacation rental programs.

Talya is an expert in conflict mediation and coaching. She has a Masters of Conflict Resolution and the list goes on. More importantly she is one woman, making a difference in her community…She Has Become Visible!

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