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She Became Visible: Episode 21: Girl Trifecta, Introducing Liz Porter

Liz is a 52 year old woman who has BECOME VISIBLE! She and her husband of 32 years have 8 children and a hobby farm in southern Utah. She grew up with a smidge of church history but when a couple of her children introduced the reality of living in the Queer community, she chose to amp up her knowledge and her beliefs in a system she had supported all of her life. You can share in Liz’s knowledge by following her on facebook, Liz Gines Porter


2 thoughts on “She Became Visible: Episode 21: Girl Trifecta, Introducing Liz Porter”

  1. Rene I love following you and all you are doing! I am still in Vancouver, didn’t stay vegan (get waisted) but work out regularly so still changing my body. Started letting my creative side express itself and the pandemic gave me the gift of being home and creating art. I show in two galleries but that is slow and have done some shows and sold well. So 60+ has unfolded in amazing ways and I am having fun with being an artist (that has been buried for years). Currently working on getting a web site up but you can find Pammy Blessed Art on Facebook and instagram. Blessings to you and your family! Pam

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