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Who Do You Serve?

What is Charity if we serve our brethren only? Matt 5:44-47 Do you only serve your neighbors directly? Your family? Your assigned church members?

In October 1984, Dallin Oaks spoke to the world in a General Conference. It was his first opportunity to speak as a newly ordained general authority. His speech was entitled “Why Do We Serve?”. He first listed six reasons why he thought people might be motivated to serve. He listed them from lessor to greater. He suggested that people may serve for earthly rewards, personal desire to obtain good companionship, fear of punishment, sense of duty or loyalty, and eternal reward. He declared that the highest motivation for service is the pure love of Christ or Charity.
What is your experience with either serving as a member of the Mormon church or being served by your congregation? Today Rene’, Trish, and Liz discuss their experiences as three mothers who have all lost a child.


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