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3446_Microphone_TrophyThis is a master list of all audio episodes accessible to the general public.  Become a subscriber today to access all episodes.  As you might expect, the sound quality is lower in the early episodes as the recording equipment and my comprehension of audio editing was just beginning.   Please enjoy.
Complete Episode Archive by Month

2024-01 (January)
    Fitness Over 60? Don't Believe Me Just Watch! She Became Visible: Episode 66
    She Became Visible in 2024

2023-12 (December)
    Putting the CHRIST back in CHRISTIANITY
    Deconstructing with Shane Larsen
    "Ezra Taft Benson and the Making of the Mormon Right", Dr. Matt L. Harris shares.

2023-11 (November)
    Women, Know Your Place! (Off the Stand)
    Heavenly Mother, are YOU REALLY THERE?
    The Dread of Conflicting Thoughts
    You Can Leave, BUT..., You're Gonna Need Therapy!

2023-10 (October)
    Enough: She Became Visible: Episode 57
    Those Damn Blue Eyes! Calling Apostles and Prophets?
    The Woman Behind the Professor, a sit down with Yvonne Harrell
    Meet the Professor, a Sit Down With The Backyard Professor
    The Truth has No Defense Against a Fool Determined to Believe a Lie": SHE BECAME VISIBLE: Episode 55
    A Weekend of Fraud: She Became Visible: Episode 52

2023-09 (September)
    An Evangelical and Two Post Mormons Walked Into a ...: She Became Visible: Episode 49
    The Witches of Salt Lake City with Julia Gates: She Became Visible: Episode 48
    Amanda Reel, The Woman behind the Man!

2023-08 (August)
    The Bureaucracy of Feeding Starving Children in the LDS Church.

2023-06 (June)
    Dr. Dana Muller Facilitates Helen Hopekirk Becoming Visible: She Became Visible: Episode 045
    When an LDS Senior Mission Almost Kills You: She Became Visible: Episode 044
    Do You Have a Line in the Sand? She Became Visible: Episode 043

2023-05 (May)
    "In The Shadow of The Temple" Jean Bodie Shares: She Became Visible: 042
    Dr. Randall Bell, Post-Traumatic Thriving: She Became Visible:041
    She Became Visible: Episode 40: Elder Kyle S. McKay's BYU-Idaho devotional.

2023-04 (April)
    She Became Visible: Episode 39: Julia Sanders tells her story.
    She Became Visible: Episode 38: What is Chronic Grief?
    She Became Visible: Episode 37: Channel Ackenbagh Becomes Visible
    She Became Visible: Episode 36: David Glenn Hatch Performance
    She Became Visible: Episode 35: A Quartet of Wisdom.

2023-03 (March)
    She Became Visible: Episode 34: Jacki Riedeman becomes visible PART TWO
    She Became Visible: Episode 33: PART ONE: Jacki tells her story of a life time of standing up for her identity.
    She Became Visible: Episode 32: Shelise Ann Sola and her Mom, Lisa, become Visible!
    She Became Visible: Episode 31: Chandler Roberson Becomes Visible!

2023-02 (February)
    She Became Visible: Episode 30: Katie Harmon: When a tragedy sets you free!
    She Became Visible: Episode 29: Book Review, Lake Bell's "Inside Voice"

2023-01 (January)
    Who Do You Serve?
    She Became Visible: Episode 27: Just Ask the Librarian. Rebecca Blibliotheca

2022-12 (December)
    She Became Visible: Episode 26: It's Not All About You! The History of Christmas.
    She Became Visible: Episode 25: Why Do You Stay?
    Where Have You Set Your Ethics Bar?

2022-11 (November)
    She Became Visible: Episode 23: No Nonsense Spiritual Director, Britt Hartley
    She Became Visible: Episode 22: Recognizing The Steps to Grooming and Abuse, Felicia Marsh, MP, LPC

2022-10 (October)
    She Became Visible: Episode 21: Girl Trifecta, Introducing Liz Porter
    She Became Visible: Episode 20: Preview of Coming Attractions! Live this Wednesday, Lila Tueller! SUPPORT Mormon Discussions
    She Became Visible: Episode 19: Introducing Tricia! It's More Fun With More Than One!

2022-09 (September)
    She Became Visible: Episode 18: The Confident Hippie Talks About Becoming Visible! Sasha and Rene' discuss embracing your self confidence and inner truth.
    She Became Visible: Episode 17: Felicia Marsh, MA, LPC, Sexual Abuse and Trauma Specialist. Does Arizona Require Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse? LISTEN and FIND OUT!
    She Became Visible: Episode: 016: September Launch. The Danger of Clichés and More!

2022-08 (August)
    She Became Visible: Episode 015: Dr. Stephanie Rimka, Perpetual Purveyor of Hope!“ Your body tells me everything it wants me to know. I care enough to know how to listen.”
    She Became Visible: Episode 014: Nan Mercurio, Ciao Bella!

2022-06 (June)
    She Became Visible: 013: She Was Scared and Lonely, so, SHE PLANNED A PARTY!
    She Became Visible: Episode 012: Book of The Month! Highlighting "Wife #19"

2022-05 (May)
    Episode: 011: Last Local Standing, Talya Reynolds is Determined to Save Sedona, AZ!
    Episode: 010: It's All About Me!
    Episode: 009: Live With Sara Schulting-Kranz

2022-04 (April)
    She Became Visible: 008: When Everyday is a "New Normal", living with Chronic Grief
    007: She Became Visible: Heather Wells
    006: She Became Visible: Wendi Jensen
    005: She Became Visible: Dr. Mary Clifton
    004: She Became Visible: Teryl Hoffman
    003: She Became Visible: Amanda Gonzalez
    002: She Became Visible: Allison Monteith
    001: She Became Visible: Cindy Wolf & Tamara Alaman

2022-02 (February)
    21st Century Saints: 031: Live! with Rene Steelman
    She Became Visible: Trailer