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She Became Visible: Episode: 016: September Launch. The Danger of Clichés and More!

In spite of my first grade teacher putting me out in the hallway outside of the classroom to try and shut me up, I’m still TALKING! What can I say? My mother told me that the hit song, “You Talk Too Much” by Joe Jones in 1960 was my theme song. I was six! Oh well, HERE WE GO! We will be chatting about “Clichés”, the not so harmless little sayings. We discuss often rattled platitudes that harm and destroy relationships.

Episode: 009: Live With Sara Schulting-Kranz

Sara is someone who has lived through some of life’s most difficult traumas-including sexual assault and relational trauma. She believes we can all have the power within to become our best self and live life boldly. Sara’s book “Walk Through This” contains foundational information about nature deficit disorder and how exercise and meditation will guide you deeper into the healing process. Find Sara:

PODCAST: Live Boldly with Sara Schulting Kranz

Instagram: saraschultingkranz